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You don’t want that feeling when you leave your house to go to work or somewhere else and find a space where you are expected to find your car routinely!

That sucks… doesn’t it?

If you think your car is safe, you’re wrong. Unless you already have a good security system and a garage you can lock your car in, you’re putting your vehicle at risk of being stolen every single day.

Especially at a time when the yearly theft rate is climbing rapidly all over the world.

Knowing that you probably won’t have a good night’s sleep unless you’ve got your car fully secured and theft-proof. And here’s everything you need to know about how to make your car theft-proof today.

How You Make Your Car Secure

Keep it locked

This is an essential thing to remember, even when you leave your car for two minutes to fetch something from a mini-market or something. Don’t be reckless; you never know if someone might get in and drive away with half your life savings.

Leaving your car running while not in it is also a delicious treat for any car thief, especially going the keys inside.

Also, leaving your registration and insurance in the car is a huge risk, as some thieves look for those before taking off with your car. That’s because they will have something to get away with if they get pulled up.

Most car thieves work at night. And the safest place to park your car at night would be a populated area where people can see your vehicle on the street or from a balcony. A lit place under a streetlight would be optimal and look less attractive to any car thief out there.

Never leave valuables in your car where passersby can see them through the windows.

When you park your car, leave it on Park so they won’t be able to tow it away. (or in gear, if you drive manual)

GPS tracker has saved more cars than you can count. Let’s say your car gets stolen – you can track it quickly and give the police its coordinates, and you’ll have your car back in no time. Plus, you’ll get the thief caught. Also, a GPS tracker increases the value of your vehicle.

Remove Ignition switch

Another great idea you can do is remove the ignition fuse from your car after you park and reinstall it right before you want to drive again. It requires some technical knowledge. Yes, it’s not easy. But it’s a great technique to protect your car. Your ignition fuse would be on the fuse panel, either under the dashboard or under the hood. You can find the ignition fuse using the car’s manual. All you have to do is remove it, keep it with you until you come back to your car, and then put it back when you want to go, and by that, you pretty much have a theft-proof car.

There is also a list of anti-theft systems you can use to protect your car, such as mechanisms to lock your wheels or steering wheel, ignition locks that work like removing your ignition fuse from the system, tracking systems, or a passive alarm.

Immobilizer Systems

Immobilizer systems prevent unauthorized access to your car’s engine. These systems require a specific electronic key or fob to start the engine. Without the correct key, the engine will not start, providing an additional layer of security.

Engine Immobilization Devices

Engine immobilization devices, such as fuel pump and ignition cut-off switches, prevent the engine from starting unless a specific action is taken, such as pressing a hidden button or entering a code. These devices make it harder for thieves to start the car, even if they manage to bypass the initial security measures.

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Secure Digital Key Systems

Some modern cars offer digital key systems that allow you to use your smartphone as a key. These systems often incorporate strong encryption and authentication mechanisms to ensure secure access to the vehicle.

how to make your car theft proof

Stay in populated areas

Some thieves bump into your car on purpose so you’d get out of it to check, and someone would get into your car and drive away with it. It is a really common method of theft. So, you have to be aware of your surroundings and consider everything because you never know what might happen.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you ever wanted to cash your car, and take it for a test drive, make sure you inform someone close to you when the test drive starts. And make sure you choose the location of the test drive to be next to an area where there are a lot of people and maybe somewhere where security cameras exist; so, if something was to happen, you’d be exposed to other people that might notice something going wrong. And that in itself would make the thief feel not comfortable.


That’s how you make your car theft-proof and can sleep well at night… but whatever happens, remember that your car can be replaced. However, your health and safety is the most important thing here. So stay safe, and drive safe.


If you want to make your car theft-proof today, follow the above mentioned tips. Instantly installing car safety systems like alarm and GPS tracker before buying a car make your car theft-proof. And keep in mind never to go into suspicious areas for such activities. Always keep someone informed if you are going out at night or any new places you have never visited. I hope you find this article helpful. Good luck! 

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